UncategorizedHow to Create & Edit Services

15 novembre 2020by alexis

as a service business it’s important that your menu is always up-to-date and easily accessible to clients in this video will show you how to add a new service to your life book or service menu first click on the profile and account link at the top of your screen next click on the service menu link under the Edit menu on the Left choose the service category that you’d like to add a service to for this example I’ll add a new service to the facials and peels category now enter in the details of your service first give it a name if this is a service that you’d like to feature at the top of your menu or in an email you should check the box to include it in your featured section next you can enter a description although this step is optional descriptions are a great way to go into detail about what the service entails and what sets you apart next at a price if you have online booking enabled you have to display prices on your menu if you don’t and would prefer to hide your price you can uncheck the display price check box doing so will automatically disable online booking for this service next and duration and if you have online booking enabled you can choose to automatically add a break for this service after it’s booked or indicate that it requires to practitioners to perform it click Save and lifebook or staff will approve your changes and make them public if you’d like to add a service to a category that is not listed under your service menu you’ll first have to enable the service category to do that click the service categories link on the Left menu select a new category click Save and then click on it when you get to the following screen